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2009 We were founded in 2009 by a number of well-known multinational elite and experienced media operator who co-founded, focused on mobile Internet 30+ Each year we outsourced customer service, more than 30, covering multiple industries and areas, many of them the world's top 500 customers 3million Since its inception, all of our products, including digital books and outsourcing products, a total cumulative download reach 3 million 1000+ Each year we produce and distribute about one thousands of copyrighted digital books

1.Most experienced developers of iOS platform outsourcing
Provides a full range of client solutions for car / publishing / media / music / entertainment / children education and other industries; on this basis to provide multi-channel and multi-faceted marketing services

2.Chinese market, the largest integrated digital publisher
-The market's largest English-language digital book publishers. We regard the intellectual property developed for enterprise development, life, and more than200 copyright English books. "Discover China" China ranks App store total list of the top five;

-China's market-leading comic digital book publishers. We developed more than 100 local original copyright comic books. Which "cannot see the girl’s comic" has been ranked the App store list the sixth chief, books, first in the list;

-China's market-leading Chinese digital book publishers. We have developed more than 300 own copyright of the Chinese books, which this product has ranked China, App store book list, the total top ten;

3.In overseas markets to promote service providers
App store more of our products ranks the United States, UK, Canada, the Australian list the top ten, and has extensive experience in overseas marketing

4、Third Party Localization Vendors

Feetan Inc. provide internationalization and localization services for developers and may be able to assist you with your app.